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Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista
Since 1991 breeding Arabian horses with identity

Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista provides facilities to breeders and owners willing to make use of its stallions for breeding, through both sending their mares to our farm and ordering fresh semen. 

We deliver fresh semen inside an appropriated recipient (24 hour durability) thru road and/or air transportation for any location in Brazil, as well as we manage the whole exportation process and ship frozen semen to any locality all over the world.

Semen Collection for Artificial Insemination  Semen Transportation Horse Stay at Pasture Horse Stay at Stable  

Stud Services Fees

Horse Stay Price (BRL) Per
Single horse at pasture R$ 23,00 day
Mare with foal at side (*) R$ 28,00 day
Single horse at stable R$ 28,00 day
(*) pasture or stable according to the need.    
+ Preventive veterinarian fee R$ 70,00 month
Items invoiced separated: Price (BRL) Per
1. Extraordinary veterinarian expenses/emergencies     
2. Medicines and supplies in general    
3. Semen storage for quick transportation (until 24 hours)  R$ 70,00  
3. Vacinnation    
4. Worming    
5. Trimming R$ 35,00 per horse
6. Simple horseshoeing R$ 90,00 per horse
Other Services Price (BRL) Per
Birth/parturition fee R$ 300,00 per birth
Semen collection for artificial insemination R$ 185,00 per collection
Transportation (semen, tests etc.) R$ 1,00 por kilometer

2017 Stud Services: all values can be updated with previous communication to the clients. Additional veterinarian expenses and emergencies are negotiated directed with the official veterinaries. Expenses with medicines are determined according to type and amount. 

Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista - RFI Arabians
Itapetininga – São Paulo – Brazil
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