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Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista
Since 1991 breeding Arabian horses with identity

Everything started on May the 1st 1991, with the acquisition of the purebred stallion C-Cherez, during a visit of the Forte family to the Itapetininga Agricultural Fair, where an auction of various horses was taking place. Amazed by the horse's beauty, at the time shown ridden, the Fortes acquired him simply for weekend entertainment.

But the beauty, the charisma and the presence of this horse, galloping around with his upright tail, as well as its sweetness, led the Fortes to sell their other horses of different breeds and become interested in buying other purebred Arabians.

What would be just a simple weekend fun turned out to be an extremely solid and professional breeding, launching Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista as one the main exhibitors of the country from its very beginning. During this first period, trained and ridden by trainer Manuel Balarini and its owners Rodrigo and Isabella Forte, C-Cherez was awarded Brazilian National Champion for 9 times in different performance modalities (English and Pleasure Driving), what, once again, motivated the Fortes to larger investments in the development of the business.

In love with the performance classes and considering the Arabian Horse as a living master piece, they targeted their breeding program to producing Arabian horses which could combine maximum beauty with most correct conformation, strength and motion - in order to utilize them in both halter and performance classes.

Making use of horses from different lineages and origins, so to have many options of "row material" available to the development of their ideal Arabian horse, Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista currently hosts a collection of around fifty purebred Arabians, including an average of 20 mares.

The breeding program basis was established through the purchase of impeccable pedigreed horses, some of them originated from local famous breeders as Haras Canapuan (Cláudio Bardella), Haras Ilha da Chapada - Rach Stud (Saliba Family), Haras Serradinho - JP (Jeremias Martins) and Haras Meia Lua (Lenita Perroy), as well as animals imported from the United States, Poland, Denmark and Germany.
At present time, Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista is working on its third and forth generations, with the best results coming through the mares and the stallions bred by the stud with the brand RFI, which means a real advance in terms of development of lineages. This philosophy explains the stud’s slogan: “a breeding with identity.”

The families of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista Stud were formed by its first mares, which have been producing with high excellence until today and, more than that, proving that their characteristics and qualities have been transmitted to the next generations. The mares holding such recognition are:
*Lewitacja Rach (by Cognac), *Egzorta (by *Palas), Key of Flory JP (by *Naadir), C-Cynadra (by HFS-Phoenix), Marthie Shah D.D. (by *ZT Shah Ibn Nouvelle) and Nizina (by *Cobrah).

The group of mares of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista is composed by 80% of RFI females, basically divided in two groups:
Shiraz El Jamaal’s daughters and *Neschnij’s daughters. 
Acquired in 1996, at the time being only 6 months old, Shiraz El Jamaal (*Ali Jamaal x *Satyna by Etat) was responsible for a considerable upgrade in the quality of the RFI breeding, mainly by its homogenous female offspring. Bred by Lenita Perroy, from Haras Meia Lua, Shiraz El Jamaal is considered by the Forte Family as an animal which concentrates the major characteristics of the "ideal" Arabian horse: he allies the beauty of *Ali Jamaal's lineage with solid conformation inherited from the polish race horses belonging to his dam's pedigree. Shiraz El Jamaal transmitted to his daughters a correct conformation, plan shoulders, strong movement, refinement and lots of beauty, including dished faces, big eyes and beautiful ears.   
Another fundamental step of the breeding program was the acquisition, in 2001, of the pure Russian stallion *Neschnij (Neman x Neschi by Kilimandscharo). Born in Germany and grown by Silvia Garde-Ehlert, *Neschnij was the champion of expositions in Europe, United States and Brazil. More than that - *Neschnij is son of one of the greatest European mares ever, the aristocratic Neschi, which also produced several European champions, including in her offspring with Neman the stallions Negresco, Nagadir and the World Champion Nadir I (chief stallion at Sax Arabians Germany), and the mares Nenija and Nascha. *Neschnij printed in his daughters lots of refinement, stunning heads with enormous eyes, long arching necks (a huge differential of *Neschnij within the Russian lineage), strong motion and attitude. These characteristics, upcoming from the Russian heredity, are very valorized and searched by the best breeders all over the world.  
Nowadays, Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista concentrates its efforts in two young stallions of its own breeding, which are considered the best males ever bred by the farm since its foundation: RFI Maktub (Altam Yshmayl x RFI Cyntilation by Ninjah El Jamaal) and RFI Agadir Al Neschi (*Neschnij x Ali Kalima by *Imperial Alishihab); both have an outstanding refinement and are currently appointed as ones of the most beautiful males of the Brazilian breeding. This type of stallion is being requested by the best worldwide breeders. Besides are being crossed with almost hundred percent of the stud’s mares, RFI Maktub and RFI Agadir Al Neschi are breeding high quality mares of other important breeders from Brazil and abroad, and their first products are already overcoming expectations. One of the first sons of RFI Maktub, RFI Farid (x RFI Fayara El Shiraz by Shiraz El Jamaal), is already worldwide known as per its important tittles: National Champion in Brazilian and Italy (twice), Bronze Colt Championship in Aachen – Germany and Bronze Colt World Championship in Paris, both in 2010.  
After almost two decades, Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista Stud is proud of developed a high standard breeding program, recognized by Brazilian and foreign breeders. As said by the Fortes, there is still much to do and improve a more than 3,000 years old horse is not expected to be an easy task. But this fact, along with responsibility and passion, are the ingredients that motivate them to be more and more dedicated.

What we most feel proud is currently hold an international level selected group of mares and stallions with the RFI brand, and the number of new owners and breeders that entered into the Arabian horse community throughout Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista. “This is the major proof of confidence that we could have in our breeding”, says Rodrigo Forte. 
Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista - RFI Arabians
Itapetininga – São Paulo – Brazil
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