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Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista
Since 1991 breeding Arabian horses with identity


C-Cherez (Sep 25th 1987 + Sep 26th 2012)


Message sent to friends on Set 26th 2012, written by Carlos Alberto Forte:

"Dear Friends: today is a very sad day for our family and the staff of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista, because we just lost with exactly 25 years-old our founder and great motivator of the RFI breeding, having been the first Arabian horse purchased by our family, C-Cherez.

Besides its beauty, excellent conformation and movement, C-Cherez throughout his life and with his bright presence always captivated people through his charisma, attitude, grandeur, competitiveness and striking personality. His wonderful companion for so many unforgettable journeys has marked our lives forever, as a model of a true Arabian horse, also won nine National Championships, several titles of "Best of the Year", along with dozens of firsts in the most important national and regional shows.

Today, he finished his great mission among us. Now he begins a new life free galloping through fields of endless skies, and only turning towards us as if we were saying to us that: "I fulfilled my mission among you, my friends."

Go with God, Cherez, we'll never forget ... You will always be much loved ...

'Horses. If God made anything more beautiful, he kept it to himself. '"

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