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Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista
Since 1991 breeding Arabian horses with identity

 Breeding History


The breeding of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista is one of the most important of the country, and is based on intensive dedication, passion, union of a family and the constant pursuing of the RFI identity. Our obstinacy is a long-term consistent breeding program and our brand is the production of Arabian horses that combines beauty and function. 

As per result of this philosophy, the RFI breeding is proud of produced national champions in halter, performance and endurance.

Recent results have demonstrated that performance and beauty can run together: 
  • When celebrating its 20th anniversary, the Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista won the most competitive and important contest between Arabian horse breeders in Brazil, the Breeders Cup - 2011 edition. For the first time a breeder wins the Cup with horses whose sire and dams were also bred by himself, all of them sired by RFI Maktub out of RFI mares: RFI Sophie Al Maktub (x RFI Sophia Al Neschi), RFI Fidji Al Maktub (x RFI Faiza El Shiraz) and RFI Fire Al Maktub (x Fire Glory). Besides winning the Cup, we made Sophie the Premium Cup (highest scored horse at the show) and placed Fidji and Fire in the general Top Ten;
  • 3 of the 10 best endurance horses in Brazil based on the 2009 National Ranking were RFIs: (1st) RFI Cintia El Shiraz (Shiraz El Jamaal x RFI Cyntilation), (2nd) RFI La Reina (Don El Chall x Cz Reina FA) e (6th) RFI Ben Cynadra (HE Laswan x C-Cynadra);
  • RFI Farid (RFI Maktub x RFI Fayara El Shiraz by Shiraz El Jamaal) is currently one of the most beautiful and awarded young stallions around the world. RFI Farid was Brazilian National Reserve Champion Jr. Jr. Colt (2007), twice Italian National Champion Colt (2009 and 2010), Bronze Champion Colt at Nations Cup – Aachen, Germany (2010) and Bronze World Champion Colt at Salon Du Cheval, Paris (2010); 
  • RFI Cintia El Shiraz (Shiraz El Jamal x RFI Cyntilation by Ninjah El Jamaal) finished the year 2009 as the best endurance horse in Brazil. RFI Cintia El Shiraz belongs to our friend and client Luciano Guidi, of Haras Nonna Livia. His son Filipe was honored as the second best endurance rider in Brazil, ridding RFI Cintia El Shiraz and RFI Cherezina (C-Cherez x *Lewitacja Rach por Cognac). The endurance team of Haras Nonna Livia is of the bests in Brazil and figures as the major partner of Santo Antonio da Bela Vista Stud in this field, having others RFI as main endurance horses as RFI Antara El Shiraz, RFI Foccus El Shiraz and RFI Fariz;
  • RFI Singular Shiraz (Shiraz El Jamaal x *Singularsensation por Gold Krugerand) returned to the competitions at the 2009 Brazilian Nationals obtaining two more National Champion tittles (Senior and Open English Pleasure). With these prizes, RFI Singular Shiraz made stronger his position of the best English Pleasure horse in Brazil of present time;
  • RFI Agadir Al Neschi (*Neschnij x Ali Kalima por *Imperial Alishihab) was 2009 Brazilian National Top Ten Stallion brilliantly presented by Rodolfo Guzzo;
  • RFI Maktub (Altam Yshmayl x RFI Cyntilation por Ninjah El Jamaal) is turning into one of the most important and promising stallions of nowadays. His first products are already successful in Brazil and overseas, exampled by the multi champion RFI Farid (x RFI Fayara El Shiraz by Shiraz El Jamaal), the recent exported filly Stephana W (x Spartana Ludfour by JQ Power World), considered by many people one of the most impressive and beautiful fillies around the globe, which will be presented in the European show ring in 2011, RFI Fire Al Maktub (x Fire Glory by *NV Sure Fire), first place in her class at 2010 Brazilian Nationals and twice Breeders Cup Top Ten - 2010 and 2011, RFI Faez Al Maktub (x Fayrouz Neschi by *Neschnij), second place in his class at 2010 Brazilian Nationals, RFI Sophie Al Maktub (x RFI Sophia Al Neschi), Premium Cup at Breeders Cup 2011, RFI Fidji Al Maktub (x RFI Faiza El Shiraz), Top Ten Breeders Cup 2011 and Reserve Champion Jr Colt at Avaré International Arabian Horse Show 2011, and others;    
  • RFI Maktub is currently one of the most requested stallions. Significant breeders are crossing their mares with him: Al Shaqab Stud, Lenita Perroy, Dulce Rosas, Jairo Queiroz Jorge, Leopoldo José Guzzo Coutinho, Sylvinho Barbosa, Rolando Henrique Kuert, Benedito Morato, Rodolfo Guzzo, Maurício Sad, Leonardo de Castro, Orpheu Ávila Júnior, Marco Antonio Fausto Souza, Cesar Schmidt de Oliveira, Antonio Carlos Rego, Theobaldo de Negris Jr., Cláudio Hirsch, Eduardo Gama, Janice Felicio, Humberto Florezi, Astolfo Dutra, Rodrigo Fais, Fábio Diniz, Jaime Pinheiro, Murilo Kammer, Luciano Cury, Tadeu de Oliveira, and others. Soon his frozen semen will be available in the US and Europe, represented by Rodolfo Guzzo and Christine Jamar.

The efforts of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista are directed to the development of two breeding lines:

Arabian Horse
With more than 3,000 of selection, the Arabian is the most antique horse breed. The Arabian horse is known as the complete horse, by its beauty, good temperament and strong capability for any sport modality. Brazil figures as one of most significant breeders worldwide. The breeding history of Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista started in 1991…  
Pinto Half-Arabian
The Pinto Half-Arabian is the result of the crossing between the purebred Arabian horses and pinto horses. They are horses that combine beauty, function, rusticity and exotic color. Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista is proud of producing Half-Arabian Pintos with 93.75% Arabian blood, always maintaining what is most imperative, the double color.

Structure, Team & Partners 

Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista has a superior and professional structure for high quality breeding.

For the horse breeding the farm has about 15 acres of cost-cross pastures, especially divided for fillies/colts, mares and stallions, two stables, one for stallions and show horses and other one for the mares and their babies, including special foaling boxes.   

For horse conditioning and show preparation, the farm has a bull pen, a show arena and a lake prepared for horse swimming.

We also have a high profile team of employees, partners and providers for various activities, as such reproduction, conditioning, training and maintenance.

Equicenter: Our partner in clinical and reproduction veterinary.

Breeders: Rodrigo e Carlos Alberto Forte
General Manager: Claudinei Batista Rodrigues
Chief Veterinary: Walney Miguel Paccola
Breeding Consultant: Leopoldo José Guzzo Coutinho
Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista - RFI Arabians
Itapetininga – São Paulo – Brazil
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