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Haras Santo Antonio da Bela Vista
Since 1991 breeding Arabian horses with identity
RFI Maktub Purebred Arabian
Registry: BRSB 34.192 Color: Bay
Sex: Male Birthdate: 04/12/1998 Breeding Fee: Indisponível
2013-11-15 - Brazilian National Champion Get of Sire
2013 Brazilian Nationals
  Product's Name Dam's Name Sex Birthdate
Visualizar Animal RFI Bettina Al Maktub SB BALLERINA 2019-11-11
RFI Fehz Al Maktub RFI Faiza El Shiraz 2018-09-11
RFI Shamal Al Maktub *Singularsensation 2016-11-11
Visualizar Animal NN Giuliana HCAF Giuliana HCAF 2016-03-21
Visualizar Animal RFI MissYou Maktub Spartana Ludfor 2014-09-10
Visualizar Animal RFI Ramses AlMaktub Hazine CRH 2014-04-02
Visualizar Animal RFI Raj AlMaktub Letycha HPA 2014-01-25
Visualizar Animal Salimah W Spartana Ludfor 2013-12-31
Visualizar Animal RFI Faruk AlMaktub RFI Fayara El Shiraz 2013-02-16
Visualizar Animal Quasim CRH Maxine CRH 2013-01-22
Visualizar Animal RFI Fantina AlMaktub RFI Fayara El Shiraz 2013-01-19
Visualizar Animal RFI Amir AlMaktub AF Leneta 2013-01-14
RFI Fersara Al Maktub RFI Fayrouz Neschi 2012-12-20
Visualizar Animal RFI Nazyra AlMaktub RFI La Jolla 2012-10-06
Visualizar Animal RFI Amira Al Maktub ALI MAHAKESHI (pure egypian) 2012-02-12
Visualizar Animal RFI Korina AlMaktub RFI Kadija Al Neschi 2012-02-01
Visualizar Animal RFI Mahara AlMaktub RFI Macarena 2011-11-27
Visualizar Animal RFI Sahib AlMaktub RFI Sophia Al Neschi 2011-11-05
Visualizar Animal RFI Serena AlMaktub RFI Siena El Shiraz 2011-10-19
Visualizar Animal RFI Shanaya AlMaktub RFI Shahkira 2011-10-11
Visualizar Animal RFI Sabine AlMaktub RFI Bella Sameh 2011-09-28
Visualizar Animal RFI Lilah AlMaktub *Lewitacja Rach 2011-09-18
Visualizar Animal RFI Felicia AlMaktub Fire Glory 2011-09-11
Visualizar Animal RFI Norah AlMaktub RFI La Jolla 2011-09-05
RFI Shahlaa AlMaktub *Singularsensation Female 2010-11-24
Visualizar Animal RFI Sophie Al Maktub RFI Sophia Al Neschi Female 2010-11-18
Visualizar Animal RFI Kadar Al Maktub RFI Kadija Al Neschi Male 2010-11-02
Visualizar Animal CER Mary Gaga Yankee Mary FHP Female 2010-09-25
Visualizar Animal RFI Fidji Al Maktub RFI Faiza El Shiraz Male 2010-09-18
Visualizar Animal RFI Sonata Al Maktub RFI Siena El Shiraz Female 2010-09-10
Visualizar Animal RFI Naamir Al Maktub RFI La Jolla Male 2010-09-06
Visualizar Animal RFI Latif Al Maktub RFI Latifa Al Neschi Male 2010-09-06
Visualizar Animal RFI Faez Al Maktub RFI Fayrouz Neschi Male 2010-02-24
Visualizar Animal RFI Fahir Al Maktub RFI Fayara El Shiraz Male 2010-02-15
Visualizar Animal RFI Fire Al Maktub Fire Glory Female 2010-01-25
RFI Samantha (NN Neschi 2010) RFI Singular Neschi Female 2010-01-22
Visualizar Animal RFI Lugano Al Maktub RFI Leticja Male 2010-01-01
Visualizar Animal RFI Shankar Al Maktub RFI Sophia Al Neschi Male 2009-09-03
Visualizar Animal RFI Larif Al Maktub RFI Leticja Male 2009-09-01
Visualizar Animal RFI Sankara Al Maktub RFI Samira El Shiraz Female 2009-08-10
Visualizar Animal RFI Falima Al Maktub RFI Faiza El Shiraz Female 2009-08-07
Visualizar Animal RFI Shafir Al Maktub RFI Shahkira Male 2009-03-27
Visualizar Animal RFI Faena Al Maktub Fire Glory Female 2009-01-21
Visualizar Animal RFI Lorenzo RFI Leticja Male 2008-02-13
Visualizar Animal RFI Farid RFI Fayara El Shiraz Male 2007-03-14
Visualizar Animal RFI Farida AlMaktub RFI Fayara El Shiraz 2003-04-12

RFI Maktub is considered the best male born at RFI Arabians since its foundation in 1,991 and a spotlight within the new generation of Brazilian stallions.

Although having a short show career, RFI Maktub obtained important prizes: with only nine months-old he was class winner and general top ten at 1,999 Breeders Cup, becoming also the highest scored male at show and the only horse with score 9 for “Arabian Type” and “Head & Neck”. In 2,002, RFI Maktub, at this time almost adult, became Brazilian National Top Ten Young Stallion.

RFI Maktub is 1.61m tall (15.80 hands), very balanced and refined, as well shows an exuberant Arabian type. He is also distinguished by his short and beautiful head with enormous eyes, and his long and arched neck.

RFI Maktub represents the second RFI generation, thru his dam RFI Cyntilation, and is the result of the combination of three worldwide successful stallions: Bey Shah, from his sire’s line, and Ali Jamaal and El Shaklan, both from his dam’s line.     

RFI Maktub is turning into one of the most important and promising stallions of nowadays. Maktub has sons and daughters exported to USA, Europe and Middle East.

His first products are already successful in Brazil and overseas, exampled by the multi champion RFI Farid (x RFI Fayara El Shiraz by Shiraz El Jamaal), the impressive Stephana W (x Spartana Ludfour by JQ Power World), RFI Fire Al Maktub (x Fire Glory by *NV Sure Fire), 2010 Brazilian Nationals Class Winner and twice Breeders Cup Top Ten - 2010 and 2011, RFI Faez Al Maktub (x Fayrouz Neschi by *Neschnij), 2010 Brazilian Nationals Reserve Class Winner, RFI Sophie Al Maktub (x RFI Sophia Al Neschi), Premium Cup at Breeders Cup 2011, RFI Fidji Al Maktub (x RFI Faiza El Shiraz), Top Ten Breeders Cup 2011 and Reserve Champion Junior Colt at Avaré International Arabian Horse Show 2011, and others.      

2013 was a blessing year for RFI Maktub. He won the Brazilian Get of Sire National Championship and his offspring RFI Faruk AlMaktub, Lumiar Ethna and RFI Sophie Al Maktub also accomplished national champion tittles. Faruk as National Champion Jr. Jr. Colt, Lumiar Ethna as National Champion Young Filly and RFI Sophie as National Champion Most Classical Head. Moreover, his grandson Antaris OS, son of RFI Farid, was prized World Champion Colt – Gold Medal at Salon du Cheval in Paris.

RFI Maktub has been used by important Brazilian and foreign breeders and is printing all his beauty and quality to his offspring. 


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